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AFS Club News: Exchange student hosting opportunities are now available!

Would you like to be part of this exciting opportunity? Make a difference in the lives of students at the ORRHS and be part of this remarkable program.

AFS Student Exchange program currently has two students at ORR who will soon begin the second semester of their exchange year in Mid-January.  A major part of their experience is to learn the lifestyles and become part of an American Host Family while sharing the culture of their home countries both with the family and within the community.

The two young men we have available to be hosted for this coming semester come from Thailand and Turkey and are excited to begin the next phase of their program!

Nam is an excellent student from Thailand who enjoys being involved with his basketball team at ORR and participating in the AFS club in school.  Nam is an adaptable teen who has enjoyed making American friends and most importantly spending time with his host family.

Here is a brief message from his current host family:

It's hard to believe our semester with Nam is coming to an end already! This was our family's first-time hosting and it was truly a pleasure. Nam is a wonderful 16-year-old young man from Thailand who is respectful, funny, and a delight! He's an amazing artist - using his iPad to draw incredible portraits. He is also the manager for the OR boy’s basketball team and is a passionate fan of the Celtics, especially Kyrie Irving. Nam embraces all new experiences and is up for anything. He was a very easy addition to the family and happy to jump right into emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash and any other chores the other kids take part in. I continue to be amazed by his courage with all things, leaving his family for 10 months to live in a different country and culture, joining new families, trying new foods, new learning experiences, games, sports, and anything else! 

We would encourage any family to open their home and hearts to Nam or any other exchange student. It was an enriching learning experience for every member of our family that we will always remember fondly. We have made a lifelong friend in Nam. If you are considering having Nam join your family for the second semester and would like to chat with me about our experience, please feel free to ask Kim Corazzini for my contact information. I'd be happy to talk! 

Eren, whose nickname is Cem is an outgoing student from Turkey who loves soccer, swimming and being a member of the ORR’s AFS International Club. He is a talented student and loves to cook! Cem would make a wonderful addition to your family!

Here is a brief message from Cem’s AFS student and family liaison: 

It has been my pleasure to get to know Cem as he explores and experiences American life during his AFS exchange year. Cem, a brilliant young man from Turkey, is very interested in science and technology and plans to pursue a career in computer science. He is an excellent student at ORR and is enjoying AP computer science as an elective. Well rounded, he is also active in sports having participated in fall soccer and now as part of the swim team. We have shared several ‘foodie’ experiences where he has been able to share the delights of Turkish cuisine in the local Boston/Providence area while enjoying our local treats. Cem loves to travel and explore and takes any opportunities he has to do so with his hosts and AFS organized events. He recently discovered a new found love for skiing with his host family over the Christmas holidays and can’t wait to go skiing again! It has been my pleasure to get to know this young man as his liaison and mentor this year.

If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming part of our global community of if we can answer any questions, please reach out to AFS volunteer Jay Crumley at 508-922-3583 ( or Noelle Warinsky at

Visit AFSUSA.ORG for additional information


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