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FRIENDLY YEARBOOK REMINDER: CLASS OF 2021 Photos and Questionnaires are Due 11/13/20


 Dear Class of 2021 & Families,

There are many exciting events for you coming up this year!  One of these events is participating in the ORRHS 2021 Yearbook. This letter contains important information regarding senior portraits, baby photos, family ads, business ads and yearbook sales. It is important to read all this information carefully so you do not miss any of the deadlines.

Senior Portraits:

  • Will be taken by a professional photographer.  If you do not have your own local photographer you can use our school photographer which is Lifetouch Portrait Studios. Their division of Senior Portrait photography is called Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch.  They will be sending direct mailings home to the Class of 2021 with appointments already scheduled. You decide if you will keep this appointment. If you intend to keep your appointment with Prestige or would like to reschedule it please contact them directly to confirm.  

  • Some local professional photographers that former Seniors used and were very pleased with...


  • We take pride in our Bulldog student body and our yearbook is a reflection of this. Your Senior Portraits show that you take pride in this as well. Generally, students dress up. I.E. collared shirts for the boys and nice tops or dresses for the girls. The dress standard will follow the ORRHS Handbook dress code. Yearbook staff reserves the right to reject any image they feel is inappropriate for submission in the ORRHS Yearbook in content, quality or otherwise.

  • Portraits need to be of vertical orientation & preferably from the waist up.
  • No Selfies or portraits with pets or props will be accepted.

  • Images must be 3”x 5” and a minimum of 300 ppi in .jpg format. Your photographer will know how to size your image properly. This is a technique that will be done in professional photography software. If images are not sized accordingly they will not crop properly in your section of the yearbook.

  • Senior Portraits may be submitted by you or your photographer by uploading them to our Jostens Yearbook Website by doing the following:  

Your Portrait .jpg file must be named as follows before uploading:


Once Your Portrait File is properly named go to the following website:

Follow these steps to upload your images


Baby Photos:

  1. The baby photo you choose for the yearbook must be of an appropriate nature. The Yearbook staff reserves the right to reject any image they feel is inappropriate for submission into the ORRHS Yearbook. 
  1. Your baby photo MUST BE A DIGITAL IMAGE in .jpg format.  NO HARD COPIES OF BABY PHOTOS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  The yearbook staff does not have a scanner to scan baby photos for students.  If you do not have access to a scanner please have your baby photo scanned at a friend’s house or go to any local Staples Store. Staples will scan your baby photo to your own USB drive for a minimal charge less than $1.00 and they can do it for you while you wait. 

The digital file of your baby photo must be named as follows before uploading:


Once the digital copy of your baby photo is named properly go to the following website:

Follow the instructions to upload your baby photo.

The ID login number to upload baby photo  is 415464272

Please know that to avoid any errors it is critical that you name your Senior Portrait & Baby photo files properly so that they are placed in the correct section of the yearbook that is designated for each individual senior. The system is alphabetical and oftentimes it is impossible to identify someone from their baby photo. 


NOVEMBER, 13, 2020

Please direct any questions regarding photo submissions to Lynette Lord, Yearbook Advisor 

Senior Questionnaires: 

  1. Seniors will be given an opportunity to fill out their questionnaires during a senior class meeting to be held in the auditorium on a date that will be determined shortly.  
  1. Once the date is chosen Seniors will have access to the questionnaire on the ORRHS homepage and will have the option to print and fill it out at home and turn in at this class meeting. (The Senior Questionnaire is also included in this mailing)  Seniors will be given roughly 30 minutes to fill out the questionnaire during the meeting. If you feel you will need more time than that it is a good idea to complete the questionnaire attached at home and return it at the meeting. Yearbook staff reserves the right to exclude any information or statements from the senior questionnaires they feel is inappropriate for the ORRHS Yearbook.  

Yearbook Sales: 

Yearbooks are on sale now!  The price is $79 until 9/30/20. This is the lowest price of the year and included free personalization & icons.  This price will increase at regular intervals until sales close in the spring & will go up to $100. Don’t miss out! Buy your yearbook early & take advantage of the deals!  

ORRHS Yearbooks can be purchased the following ways:

If you would like to purchase a yearbook to donate to a particular student or staff member you may do so at the link above. 


Family & Business Ads: 

The Yearbook staff is once again offering the fun & exciting opportunity to purchase space in the yearbook that can include a photo and congratulatory message for your senior!  Let them know how proud you are of their accomplishments.  Space may be limited depending on demand so purchase early.  Ads are offered at a discounted rate from Jostens and are easily purchased & created online.  Ad revenue directly benefits the Class of 2021. 

Choose from the following Family or Business ad sizes:

Business Ads: B&W COLOR

⅛ Page $50 $75

¼ Page $100 $150

½ Page $200 $300

Full Page $400 $500

Parent  Ads: B&W Color

⅛ Page $40 $50

¼ Page $75 $95

½ Page $140 $175

Full Page $250 $300 

To place a Family or Business Ad in the ORRHS 2021 Yearbook please go to : or visit our direct link at for questions about ads please call 1-800-358-0800

We look forward to working with the Class of 2021 and their families to create another great yearbook!  Please contact us with any questions.  Thank you. 


Lynette Lord and the 2021 Yearbook Crew


Please follow or_yearbook on Instagram to get the most up-to-date notifications. 

Class of 2021 Yearbook - Senior Questionnaire - Due 11/13/2020!!! 

Name: Nickname:

Birthday (mm/dd/yy):


I do plan to submit my Senior Portrait - digital files only (circle one): Yes/No  

I do plan to submit my Baby Photo - digital files only (circle one): Yes/No        

The link for your private photo submission is: 

login in number 415464272



List your Activities, Clubs, Sports, etc:



Tell us your thoughts on High School Life at OR!

(Please print clearly. You do not have to answer all of the questions.)


  1. Describe yourself in 5 words:


  1. What is your biggest pet peeve?


  1. What's your most embarrassing OR memory? What happened? 

  1. If you can take three classmates with you anywhere in the world, who would you choose, where would you go, and why?


  1. Who was your favORite role model throughout all of high school? Why?: 


  1. Describe seniORitis:

  1. Finish the sentence. “I could not live without…”:  

  1. What event/happening from high school will you always remember?

  1. What has been the worst trend during your high school experience?:

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:



  1. What advice would you give to the Class of 2022?:

  1. “Senior Quote”: 


Do not write under this line——————————————————————————————————————————————————

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