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AFS Host Family Needed

Hello Old Rochester,

We are in need of a host family for an AFS student for the school year.  Please see below and the attached profile of Wai Wai Athena.  Wai Wai is eager to begin at ORRHS and we are eager to expand our knowledge of world cultures!
October 8,2019 Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester, MA -- AFS-USA, a leader in high school student exchange for more than 70 years, invites families of all kinds from the Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester area to become hosts for international students. Hosting provides individuals, families, and communities with opportunities to learn about new cultures while sharing the best of one’s community with a person from a different country.
A recent online survey conducted on behalf of AFS-USA by The Harris Poll, found 81 percent of U.S. adults believe hosting a high school foreign exchange student makes a person more well-rounded, and another 81 percent believe the hosting experience makes people better global citizens.
AFS-USA is the largest organization within an international network that includes 59 partners around the globe. Each year, approximately 2,000 U.S. families volunteer to open their homes and share their lives with high school students from countries around the world. Families and hosted exchange students receive ongoing support from trained support staff and experienced local volunteers. They also join a local chapter of dedicated volunteers, alumni, and other host families. This helps to fulfill the AFS Mission of helping to create a more just and peaceful world. 
Families interested in hosting for a few weeks or an academic year can contact Jay Crumley, AFS Volunteer, by emailing or calling (508) 922-3583.