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Important Deadlines at ORRHS

Hello parents,

As we continue to improve how we help our students with deadlines and the importance of meeting them, here are three things to watch for this week:

1.  No parking on campus without a parking sticker affixed to the car.  While not a deadline, it is a black and white rule within our student handbook.  Cars will be turned around upon arrival if they do not have a parking sticker.  The bus runs Monday through Friday!

2.  Bringing a guest that doesn't attend ORRHS to either the Senior Prom or Junior Semi?  A guest permission form needs to be approved prior to ticket purchase.  Please see Ms. Irwin in the Assistant Principal’s office for the form.  Completed guest forms (and CORI form, if required) must be returned by April 9 for Senior Prom or April 24 for Junior Banquet – late forms will not be accepted.

3. The final payment for AP exam(s) students registered for will be due in guidance no later than Wednesday, April 10th.  Checks should be made payable to ORRHS/AP.  Reminder slips with the balance due have been given out already.  If you are unsure of your balance due please contact Mrs. Bertrand in guidance.

Rules and deadlines...deadlines and rules!  Let's finish the year taking care of our responsibilities!

Mike Devoll
ORRHS Principal