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Travel Requirements for Return to School

March 4, 2021
All Sippican families traveling outside of Massachusetts to a high risk state are subject to the Massachusetts COVID-19 Travel Order (even if travel is due to a second residence out of state). Please visit the travel order link prior to all travel to view any updates.
The travel order can be viewed here: 
High risk states can be viewed here:
As of 3/4/2021: All household members who traveled together must follow the quarantine or testing option prior to being allowed to return to school following travelPlease note that rapid tests are NOT ACCEPTED; only PCR tests are acceptable per the order.  Documentation of testing will be required for re-entry if testing is chosen instead of quarantining.  No matter which option is chosen,  a parent or guardian must speak to the school nurse to screen all household members prior to your child being permitted to return to school.   
For free testing sites please visit this link (choose New Bedford or Fall River for testing sites closest to Marion):

Thank you for your cooperation,

Meagan Morais BSN, RN, Sippican School Nurse

Meagan Morais BSN, RN
Sippican School Nurse

Sippican School
16 Spring Street
Marion, MA 02738 

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Fax: 508-748-1953

Cell: 774-855-9282
Please note: the cell number will not be answered while school is in session. Please only use the cell number for evening/ weekend reporting of COVID or emergency situations.