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Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) Update

Dear School Community,

In the coming weeks, you will be receiving your child's Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) scores in the mail. Although the individual student reports will have a similar look to those in the past, the 2022 school year was the first full MCAS administration for grades 3-8 since 2019. Grade 10 students in 2022 had not taken an MCAS assessment since they were in grade 7 in 2019.
Trends from the state show mixed results compared with 2021 scores. According to the state, overall math and science scores increased slightly, whereas English Language Arts scores, particularly in writing, declined. When we compare these results to pre-pandemic levels, we are still working to fully recover learning losses in all subject areas. However, in many subject areas the State has seen that about 50% of the “loss” from 2021 is beginning to be recovered. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) acknowledged that the last 2.5 school years have not been normal and therefore predicted this learning loss due to the pandemic. 

However, we continue to accelerate learning by using data (MCAS and other assessment data) to triangulate, inform, and guide our instruction moving forward. In the initial review of our MCAS data, we are extremely proud of our school community efforts and achievement.  The majority of our MCAS scores were consistent or above State averages. Further, we also want to acknowledge how impressed we are by our students’ perseverance and positive mindset through the past few years.

We continue to foster a sense of belonging and partnership with families and students creating strong instructional delivery and scaffolding to meet our students' learning needs.

Our Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning along with the Principals, will be making individual presentations at local school committee meetings in the next couple of months. We appreciate your support and partnership in working to continuously meet the needs of our students and making them successful learners. As always, we welcome your partnership as we strive to live our school systems mission and inspire all students to think, to learn, and to care.

  mike                           Shari

Michael S. Nelson (he/him)                      Shari Fedorowicz, Ph.D. (she/her)
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