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Social Distancing Protocol Update

May 2, 2022
Dear School Community,
Throughout the pandemic we have utilized a layered approach to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our school buildings.  Part of this layered approach has included social distancing protocols that have been utilized in our learning environments (i.e. 3 feet of social distancing in our classrooms and 6 feet of social distancing in our cafeterias).  
Based on current COVID-19 data trends in our school community and after consultation with our local health officials we will discontinue all our social distancing protocols as of May 9, 2022.  As a result, our students should expect to see traditional seating opportunities (group tables) in our cafeterias and our classrooms will be set up at the discretion of our teaching staff.
If you have any questions and/or concerns related to this decision regarding your child or children - please do not hesitate reaching out to the building principal.  
Michael S. Nelson 
Superintendent of Schools
Old Rochester & MA Sup. Union #55
Ph:  508-758-2772 ext. 1956