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DESE Update on COVID-19 Matters in K-12 Schools for Fall 2022 - 08/15/22

Dear School Community,
Today - August 15, 2022 the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released an Update on COVID-19 Matters in K-12 Schools for Fall 2022 document (please see attached).  
In the coming days the recently released COVID-19 update will be reviewed and our opening of schools plan for the 2022-2023 school year will be finalized.  The Superintendent's Office will communicate the details of our reopening plan as soon as possible.  
Although there are still a couple weeks of summer vacation remaining - we are extremely excited for the school year ahead.  We look forward to welcoming our students on the first day of school for full in-person learning experiences.  
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Michael S. Nelson (he/him)
Superintendent of Schools
Old Rochester & MA Sup. Union #55
Ph:  508-758-2772 ext. 1956

 messages/attachments/a5caeb45a8e5034b3554387fe38d3f99/Update_on_K-12_COVID-19_for_Fall_2022.pdf (192.9 KB)