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    Individual Support Center (ISP)

    Danielle Dore  danielledore@oldrochester.org
    Adam Lambert  adamlambert@oldrochester.org
    Andrea Moniz   andreamoniz@oldrochester.org
    Scott Tavares   scotttavares@oldrochester.org

    Individual Support Center (ISP)

    Scott Greany   scottgreany@oldrochester.org
    Victoria Tutino  victoriatutino@oldrochester.org

    Related Services

    Jennifer Bailey   jenniferbailey@oldrochester.org
    Kerri Dowdall   kerridowdall@oldrochester.org
    Kris Lincoln   krislincoln@oldrochester.org

    Special Education Secretary – High School

    Deb Threlfall  debrathrelfall@oldrochester.org

    School Psychologist

    Julie Cotillo juliecotillo@oldrochester.org


    Academic Support is designed to provide specific assistance to students with Individualized Educational Plans. The LSC’s focus is to develop and master skills, to acquire effective academic learning strategies, to maximize their abilities as well as advocate for themselves. The LSC’s focus is not to support the completion of homework. The expectation is that the students will increase their acquisition and apply taught skills on a daily basis. The LSC does supplement and support the general education curriculum. LSC staff does not replace the extra help efforts of the students’ content area teachers. 

    Goal: To develop independent learners and self advocates.