• Technology




    The issues facing society are becoming more global in nature than ever before.  Advanced telecommunication systems, computers, tablets, mobile devices, and other technological advances have literally put the world at our fingertips.  As a result of the rapidly changing environment, our educators are faced with enormous challenges as they prepare students to live and work efficiently and effectively.

    In this age of information, it has become essential for all students to be able to access, analyze, synthesize, and communicate information.  They must develop the thinking and analytical skills needed to understand and solve the problems of tomorrow.  The Old Rochester School District and Supervisory Union #55 school districts are committed to meet these challenges by providing an environment that enables all of our students to learn the skills necessary to function in the world.  We envision a community empowered with the knowledge, tools, and technological skills to become lifelong learners and skilled, independent problem solvers.

    In envisioning the future we are committed to the following principles:

    • Providing Equity of Technology Access
    • Integrating Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
    • Improving Learning Tools for Students
    • Providing Professional Development to Enhance Teaching and Learning
    • Improving Administrative Efficiency and Accountability