• The mission of the Old Rochester Superintendency #55 schools is to provide and continually improve an academic and co-curricular program which fosters and expects a commitment to excellence on the part of students, staff, parents, and the community.

    We expect all members within our school communities to learn and to care-- not just for ourselves, but for others. The Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment is responsible for a number of different functions, including:

    • Supervision of federal grant programs 

    • State grant and competitive grant applications and coordination

    • Implementation and evaluation of  pre-k to 12 curriculum, co-curriculars and interventions

    • Professional development of staff

    • Coordination and interpretation of various assessment tools as well as various forms of data to inform learning

    • Implementation of technologic tools to support teaching and learning

    • Implementation of programming that ensures all students are college or career ready

    • Development of partnerships with academic and business organizations which enrich our academic community

    Our curriculum, based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, exposes students to a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities. Our philosophy is based on the concept that all students can achieve at high levels. As a group of 4 districts, we are continually examining our curriculum and instructional practices to ensure that they best match the current needs of our student population.

    We believe that excellent teachers model the types of behaviors we expect in students. As such, our teachers need to be life-long learners and are continually improving themselves through ongoing professional development opportunities within the district and those opportunities supported by the district.