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    The virus has struck and I’m stuck at home,
    But it's not all bad,
    Actually it’s pretty good.

    What has come is an opportunity
    to enjoy life at home.
    I can go outside more, 
    Plant the garden.

     I have plenty of time now
    To enjoy the moments of nature.
    In the process of doing,
    I can still see relatives,
    even more often.

     Technology lets this happen.quarantine
    So in a way,
     I am now more connected.

    -- Calvin Payne

    Six Mix

    The Dream: Before and After

    Trees swaying, bees buzzing, flowers blooming.
    Laughter, sleeping, dreaming, basketballs.
    Beep! screeches the buzzer.
    Crowds cheering, pressure building.
    Ten seconds on the clock.
    Down by two, time ticking.
    She shoots, she scores!

    Awake, staring, dreaming, thinking. 

    Waking up, tired, invisibly caged. 
    Back to the boring real life.
    Snacking on the couch, eating, sleeping.
    Constantly cleaning, working, and Face Timing friends.
    Locked away  -- stressed.
    Back and forth between two homes.

    Saving lives, people dying.
    A virus spreading like wildfire.

    “Stay quarantined, wash your hands,” they say.
    Repeatedly, the water runs.

    -- Caillaigh Mullen

           Six Mix

    Finding Heroes in the Chaos

    Hospital monitors chirping.
    Coughing in one room,
    silence in the next.

    Medical staff rushing around,
    holding clipboards,
    pushing gurneys.

    Saving lives everyday.
    EMTs, doctors, and nurses in the ER
    working through the chaos.
    Saving our lives,
    by putting theirs on the line.

    -- Sydney Meashaw

              Six Mix

    Our Heroes

    They really are the silent heroes. 
    Who risk their lives every day 
    So that our pain level goes down to zero 

    They push you to when you feel like giving up,
    Because they believe in you and that you´re strong enough. 
    They use their magical powers to ease your pain 
    And help you find strength along the way.

    Nurses and Doctors save lives.
    Next time you see one wave and say, ¨Thank you.¨
    It may not seem like much,
    but trust me, it goes a long way.

    After a long days worth of work,
    They hang up their capes 
    And return home 
    To help and support their families 

    - Quinn Perry

    Six Mix