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    Elise M. Frangos, Ed. D
    Assistant Superintendent 
    for Curriculum,
    Instruction & Assessment
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    Kimberly M. Read
    Administrative Assistant
    to Dr. Frangos
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    Meet the Assistant Superintendent!

    Dr. Elise Frangos started serving the Old Rochester Superintendency #55 schools in November of 2010. She holds a BA from Simmons College, an Ed.M in Administration, Planning and Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and an Ed.D  from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Since her arrival she has worked on technology, data privacy, Policy development, alignment of all curriculum areas to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, and on fostering teacher leadership. Under her leadership, the schools have adopted Atlas Rubicon and Understanding By Design. She leads many in-service workshops from 6 Traits Writing across the curriculum to implementing Project Based learning with CASEL standards. Elise has taught Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) leading to the endorsement of hundreds of Massachusetts educators. She is the co-founder of the Healthy Tri-Town Coalition and catalyzed the adoption of  free full day Kindergarten,  RAD, bike safety curriculum, writing across the curriculum, The Great Body Shoppe Health Curricula and Health educators as well as the use of many data gathering tech tools.  Dr. Elise currently teaches AP English to urban students on the weekends and leads Literacy Pai Deia, a monthly book discussion group for Tri-Town educators.

    While leading large teacher teams to implement Massachusetts rigorous standards,  and adopt new curricular Frameworks Elise designs the curricular logistics, including the vetting and resourcing of the materials and resources needed by teachers. One of the Pre-K through 8 teams she  led developed the Standards Based Report Cards. Elise writes and monitors state, local and federal grants, leads new teacher mentoring and induction and the development and oversight for all professional development. Particular points of pride for Elise has been to bring in new Strategic Planning techniques, data based thinking, and technologic integration. She is particularly invested in cultivating teacher leaders and has developed teachers leaders who lead from the classroom. Interns guided by Dr. Frangos to new  MA DESE certifications have assumed varied administrative roles both in our schools and in  positions elsewhere.

    The short film below provides information about how we engage in curriculum development.


    We expect all members within our school communities to learn and to care -- not just for ourselves, but to care for others.

    The office of curriculum, instruction and assessment is responsible for a number of different functions, including:

    • Supervision of federal grant programs 
    • State grant and competitive grant application and
    • Implementation and evaluation of  pre k-12 curriculum, co-curriculars and interventions
    • Professional development of staff
    • Coordination and interpretation of various assessment tools as well as various forms of data to inform learning
    • Implementation of technologic tools to support teaching and learning
    • Implementation of programming that ensures all students are college or career ready
    • Development of partnerships with academic and business organizations which enrich our academic community

    Our curriculum, based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, exposes students to a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities. Our philosophy is based on the concept that all students can achieve at high levels. As a group of 4 districts, we are continually examining our curriculum and instructional practices to ensure that they best match the current needs of our student population.

    We believe that excellent teachers model the types of behaviors we expect in students. As such, our teachers need to be life long learners and are continually improving themselves through ongoing professional development opportunities within the district and those opportunities supported by the district.

    I encourage you to contact me at the central office or by email if you have any questions or concerns about the curriculum, instruction or assessment within the Old Rochester Superintendency #55 Schools.

    ~ Elise M. Frangos, Ed.D.