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    The Classical and Modern Language Department at Old Rochester Regional has developed a sequence of courses for Latin, Spanish and Portuguese. The programs at ORRHS build on the Junior High coursework which lay the foundation for advanced study.

    Classes will emphasize the importance of speaking a second language in the interconnected world of the 21st century. Modern languages prepare you for communicative competency to help you meet the demands of a global society. In Latin class, you will learn about the many contributions the Romans made to the development of our modern Western society and its influence on the English language and the modern Romance languages.

    In your language studies, you will develop communicative skills for reading effectively (in either Latin, Spanish or Portuguese). You will also learn to analyze grammatical patterns and vocabulary that will enable you to use English more effectively as you develop skills in your world language.  In Spanish and Portuguese, you will expand your skills for understanding and responding to the spoken language, as well as communicate ideas effectively by writing. You will further enhance your listening and speaking abilities through activities in the Language Lab.

    If you enjoy learning languages, we encourage you to begin the study of an additional language when starting a new grade at the High School. However, we strongly advise you to also continue the study of the language that you began at the Junior High. The minimum requirement for admission to Massachusetts universities and most state colleges is a continuous sequence of at least 2 years of the same language. You will greatly enhance your chances of admission to rigorous post-secondary institutions with a complete sequence of 4 yrs of the same language at the High School level.

    We offer courses in 4 levels: College Preparatory B, College Preparatory A, Honors, and Advanced Placement.

    • College Preparatory B (CPB) is only offered for Spanish 1, Part 1 and Spanish 1,

          Part 2. This is a guided and structured sequence for learning communicative skills for

          the beginning levels of Spanish.

    • College Preparatory A (CPA) is offered in French through French 3, in Latin through Latin 2, and in Spanish through Spanish 4.  These courses work at a faster pace and require more independent learning from you as a student in the development of your language skills.
    • Honors (HONORS) is offered through French 5, Latin 5 and Spanish 5. In these courses you will develop more thorough language skills and a greater emphasis is placed on your commitment to study and review outside of the classroom.

                EXCEPT: French 1, Latin 1, Spanish 1 - are all CPA

    • Advanced Placement (AP) is offered in French and Spanish. The material covered is equivalent to a third year college course. These courses require a substantial amount of independent work. Both courses prepare you for the Advanced Placement Exams offered in May.