• AP Summer Work

     NOTE: If you are looking for AP Lit, AP Lang, and AP Seminar, all of the summer work for these courses can be found on the library's summer reading page. 

    More classes/info will be added, here, as they become available.

    AP Biology with Ms. Graser

    Students need to watch each of four the videos posted as a chemistry review. Then, the students need to answer the questions on the provided mcas test. For each question, students must write 2-5 sentences explaining the science behind their answer. This work is due on the first day of class.

    • The schoology code for the Day 1 class is: QP6ZR-44SKF
    • The code for the Day 2 class is: 8SZTG-FVVPK

    AP Environmental Science with Ms. Lynn Connor

    • Here is the summer assignment. Students who will have me for APES will be reading from the Miller and Spoolman text "Living in the Environment". Note that the summer math is due by the end of this school year!  

    AP Environmental Science with Ms. Briggs

    AP French with Ms. Palombo

    AP French students are to complete this packet before the first day of classes. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Palombo at dianepalombo@oldrochester.org

    AP French with Sra. Ochoa

    AP Spanish students are to access the Google classroom site using the code located in the attached document. You will receive text reminders if you sign up with Remind. (The code is pi75pcs) The weekly assignments will begin on July 1st.  If you have any questions please email Sra. Ochoa at kellyochoa2@oldrochester.org

    AP Statistics with Ms. Kellum

    Here is the link to the page for AP stats with the documents you'll need. 

    Students were told that they needed to come sign out a book = their first assignment!!

    AP Calculus with Mrs.Guilbert 

    Students should have a text book and solution binder.  Please complete assignments you received for Chapter 1.

    There will be a test on the second day of class.

    AP Summer Assignments are listed in Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/NTUwNDYxNTg5MFpa

    Contact me by email at francesguilbert@oldrochester.org  if you have questions.

    AP US History with Dr. Carroll
    There no summer work.  In the fall we will have a google classroom page where information will be posted.
    AP European History with Dr. Everett- quoting Dr. Everett:
    No summer work in AP Euro. Students may read a book if they desire. I might suggest. A World Light by Fire by William Manchester, The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Steven Greenblatt or Bruneschelli Dome by Ross Anderson.
    AP Psychology with Ms. Tallman- quoting Lindsay Tallman:
    [There is] no summer work.  In the fall we will have a google classroom page where information will be posted.

    Thank you for signing up for AP Psychology! Your tasks for this summer are as follows:


    1. Register for the class on Schoology: Access Code: ZG56W-WHF88

    1. Add the class on Quizlet with the following link: https://quizlet.com/join/VAgvmNg7Y

    1. Review the syllabus and AP contract (uploaded to Schoology) and complete the Google survey that will be sent to your Old Rochester e-mail account.

    1. Complete the reading guides for Modules 1-3 in the textbook.  The first chapter of the textbook can be accessed on Google Books (link provided on Schoology and sent to your Old Rochester email accounts). The Modules are also uploaded to Schoology.

    1. Study: Test on Unit 1 will be on the second day of classes (This will be on Thursday, August 31 or Tuesday, September 5, depending on which day I have your class).  This will be a 50 question multiple choice test.

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