Train to Run a Marathon - Students, Teachers, & Staff 26.2 Together!

     DREAMFAR SouthCoast team, 11/19/2016 (Photo credit: Dan Carneiro)


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    DREAMFAR - National

    Mission: To challenge high school students to reach their full potential- physically, socially, emotionally - through a mentor-supported marathon training program.GO FUND ME Site Please help us reach our goal! No donation too small. Registration Form for new members

    Information for Parents/ Families

    EMAIL Blog:
    ========= 11/28/16 Quoting Ms. Hall's email to families
    Dear Students, Parents, and Mentors,
    I hope that everyone had a restful Thanksgiving week.  We had a fantastic time at the Fairhaven Turkey Trot.  Check out the pictures posted to the DREAMFAR Southcoast Facebook Page!  Congratulations to our DREAMFAR runners on completing their 1st race of the 2016-2017 season!!  Every student who started the race finished the race and we even had some personal records!
    (-- ErinB: Google album of photos /video
    -- SouthCoast Today/ New Bedford Standard-Times Photos)
    DREAMFAR Gear:
    This is your final week to buy DREAMFAR gear to support DREAMFAR Southcoast.  The more we order, the more money we get!!  We have hooded sweatshirts, short sleeved t-shirts and long sleeved t-shirts.  We make back 20% of every shirt that we sell.  Please consider making a purchase.  They are only on sale until DECEMBER 1st.  They will arrive in time for the holidays, and make great gifts for the family!
    Click HERE to go to the website to order.
    Saturday Run 12/3/16 at ORR:
    Yes, we are running this Saturday 12/3!  We will be running the SAME route as last Saturday's run, so you will all know what to expect.  Please arrive by 8:00 AM to meet and stretch.  We will be doing an activity before we run, so please be punctual.  Click HERE to view the route.
    Waterstop Volunteers and Donations:
    Interested in volunteering at a water stop at one of our Saturday runs?  Email our coordinator Sheilah Sullivan at sheilahsullivan@oldrochester.org  The more the merrier!!
    We accept donations for our Saturday runs.  We are looking for:
    • Gallons of water
    • Large bottles of Gatorade
    • Containers of Swedish Fish
    • Cartons of Goldfish
    • Dixie cups
    • Paper towels
    • Trash bags
    You can bring any donation to any Saturday run or you can drop it off at the main office during the week with my name on it.  Thank you for helping out!!
    DREAMFAR Southcoast Go-Fund-Me:
    We are accepting donations at our DREAMFAR Southcoast Go-Fund-Me account.  Please feel free to share our Go-Fund-Me on social media and with friends and family.  Our program is run completely through donations and by volunteers, so every little bit helps.
    Click HERE to go to the Go-Fund-Me site.
    If your family is more comfortable writing a check, make it payable to ORRHS and write DREAMFAR in the memo.
    DREAMFAR Southcoast Website:
    Parent, volunteer, mentor, and website guru Erin Bednarczyk created a fantastic DREAMFAR Southcoast webpage linked to the ORR site.  Please send any pictures to us so we can post them to the site.  
    Click HERE to view the site.
    Thank you all for making this a fantastic year so far!  Email me with any questions!!
    :)Megan Hall
    26.2 TOGETHER
    #dreamfarsouthcoast #whyidreamfar

    ----Quoting Ms. Megan Hall from email 11/05/16:

    Dear Students and Parents, 

    It was wonderful to meet with so many of you.  I was happy to answer many of your questions, but if you have any more, please feel free to email me at any point.  I will try and keep you as up to date as possible with my weekly emails.
    DREAMFAR Discounts
    If you are looking for shoes, we have:
    Throughout the season, your child will need to get two pairs of running shoes.  They should put no more than 300 miles on each pair of shoes, so they should use them ONLY for running.  It is not about the style, it is about the fit.  Both Days and Marathon Sports do a great job with fitting our students.
    DREAMFAR Fundraisers and Donations:
    Order DREAMFAR gear.  It WILL arrive in time for Christmas!!  https://www.booster.com/dreamfar-gear 

     On sale until December 1st!!

    Share DREAMFAR Go-Fund-Me with friends and family!  https://www.gofundme.com/DFSouthcoast 

    We accept donations for our water stops.  

    • Dixie cups
    • Water 
    • Gatorade (Traditional formula, any flavor)
    • Swedish Fish (BJ's has good prices and the dollar stores have them, too.)
    • Goldfish  (Ms. Sullivan says that Market Basket in New Bedford has the best prices on cartons. Classic Cheddar, please)
    Parent Night Powerpoint Presentation:
    Click below to review last night's presentation.
    Please contact me with any questions!  It was great to meet so many of you, and I am looking forward to an exciting season!
    :)Megan Hall 
    26.2 TOGETHER 
    #dreamfarsouthcoast #whyidreamfar
    =============== Quoting Ms. Megan Hall from 11/02/16

    Dear DREAMFAR students and parents,

    We are off to a GREAT start this season!  We currently have 21 students enrolled, and 20 are attending regularly (one will join us when cross country is over)!  We are continuing to grow every week!
    All students are in great shape leading up to our first race!

    Stuff-A-Truck Fundraiser

    Thank you all for your help during this fundraiser.  We made $1367.40 total, to be split with AFS.  Amazing job!!

    DREAMFAR Southcoast Parent Meeting - Th. 11/3 at 6:30 PM
    In room 249 (my classroom) at ORR
    We hope that all parents can attend.  We will be going over the scope of the program, and the important role that you will play at home.  Please make every effort to attend.  We will not keep you long!

    First Saturday Run - Sat. 11/12 at 8:00 AM

    At ORR (meet outside of the gym)

    This is our first Saturday run with ALL of the Southcoast teams.  Make sure you are on time.  This will be a 4 mile run.  You MUST have your physical form in by this date in order to run with us.

    Family members, if you are interested in volunteering at our water stop, please email Sheilah Sullivan at sheilahsullivan@ oldrochester.org 
    Turkey Trot 5K - Th. 11/24 (Thanksgiving) at 8:00 AM
    Cushman Park, Fairhaven
    We encourage all families to participate in this great event!  It is early in the morning, so it is before the football game or any other Thanksgiving day activities.
    Students, please let me know ASAP if you are unable to attend or have already gotten your own number.  We will only be providing numbers for the students this race, and we want to let the race committee know how many race numbers we need as soon as possible.
    We are off to a great start.  Please contact me at any time with questions!
    :)Ms. Hall
    26.2 TOGETHER
    #dreamfarsouthcoast #whyidreamfar

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