• Volunteer Opportunities


    There are lots of opportunities for getting involved in your community. Working as a volunteer can be as important as working for pay. Both give you a chance to find what you enjoy, and find what you are good at. The following are some ideas:

    • The Coalition for Buzzards Bay (savebuzzardsbay.org)
    • The Buttonwood Park Zoo  (bpzoo.org)
    • The Mattapoisett, Rochester and Marion (Sippican)  Lands Trust
    • Town libraries and elementary schools
    • Local churches and hospitals
    • Local recreational departments
    • Wareham YMCA (ymcasouthcoast.org)
    • The United Way of Greater New Bedford (unitedwayofgnb.org)
    • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) (ifaw.org/us)
    • Local animal shelters
    • Salvation Army, New Bedford, MA

    There are also many things students can do to enrich their experiences:

    • Work on resumes
    • Try out new electives
    • Find a weekend or summer job 
    • Visit college campuses 
    • Spend an afternoon at UMASS/Dartmouth in the library
    • Talk to neighbors about their careers
    • Attend a summer leadership/arts/sports camp
    • Go to an event at Bristol Community College


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