• Intro to PE syllabus


    Intro to Physical Education

    Grades 9 and 10

    Graduation Requirement

    Instructor:  Chris Cabe               Email: christophercabe@oldrochester.org

    Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have about your child anytime.

    • Physical Education is based on the development of the mind and body.  Educational objectives are reached through participation in many physical and mental activities.  In class students will build their knowledge and level of fitness through a variety of team sports, individual sports, weight training and cardiovascular training.  They will also develop responsible social behaviors that promote personal and group success.


    Daily Grade =   20 % dressed/prepared for class        Term Grade =   70% Daily grade

                              60 % participation throughout class                              30% Quizzes

                              20 % participation in warm-up drills                                  -----------

                            ---------                                                                             100 %              

                            100 %                                                                          


    Students are expected to change clothes every class that allows them to move freely and are not afraid of getting dirty or sweaty.

    • Sneakers
    • Shorts or Sweatpants
    • Short sleeve or long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt

    Absences from class

    It is the student’s responsibility to make up all absences from class, whether excused or unexcused.  Make-ups can be achieved by receiving a written packet from the teacher on a particular sport and completing the assignment at home or in study.  Packets must be turned in before the end of the marking period.  Classes that are not made up are marked down as “0” until they are made up.

    Medical Excuses

    Student must have a note from doctor.  Notes from parents are not accepted.  If the child is in school, then they are well enough to participate in class.  Extenuating circumstances will be considered otherwise. 

    Student Athletes are NOT exempt from participation in class due to an athletic contest after school.  If the athlete chooses not to participate in class, then they will not be allowed to participate in their athletic contest after school.


    All students will be given a locker to lock up their personal belongings.  It is the student’s responsibility to lock and secure their belongings during class.