• Calculator Info

    Calculator Info

    All  students are REQUIRED to have a GRAPHING CALCULATOR.


    Recommended Calculators:

    TI-83Plus,    TI-84,    TI-84Plus,   TI-84 Plus Silver Edition


    (To purchase online, choose links on the left menu)


    If you purchase a graphing calculator other than those recommended, it will be difficult to follow classroom instruction. Casio and Sharp calculators operate very differently from the recommended Texas Instrument calculators. Other versions of TI (such as TI NSpire) may also operate differently.  


    Dear Parent:

    In an attempt to reduce budgetary expenses and increase student responsibility, the high school requires all mathematics students to purchase their own graphing calculators. School administration and the School Committee support this decision.

    Graphing calculators are an integral part of the learning process in high school mathematics courses. This technology allows students to explore complex mathematical topics and applications early in their learning experiences. Technology at all levels will be used as both tool and tutor. It is our obligation to use available technologies as teaching tools if our students are to have every advantage and successfully attain their goals for college and careers in our technological world. The textbooks we have chosen to support our curriculum utilize the data and exploratory functions found in the graphing calculator, which will be used during classroom instruction and reinforced through individual practice at home. The graphing calculator is an invaluable tool that will be used throughout the student's high school mathematics career. College board exams allow the use of graphing calculators. In fact, the graphing calculator can help students answer questions they otherwise would be unable to solve algebraically by offering students alternative routes for problem solving.

    The TI-83+, TI-83 Silver Edition, or TI-84 will be sufficient. High school teachers use the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition during classroom instruction. We recommend purchasing a calculator as soon as possible to allow students to become familiar with its operation and ensure that they have one for the opening of school. If this represents a financial hardship please contact Mr. Devoll or Mr. Parker at the high school office. Thank you for your support.

    Mathematics Department  ORRHS