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    ORR Math Text Book Information

    Below is a list of texts used in ORR math classes. If you'd like an extra copy, try the links below. http://www.amazon.com http://holtmcdougal.hmhco.com/hm/math.htm          http://www.glencoe.com http://www.addison-wesley.com http://www.hmco.com/indexf.html

    If students lose a text book, they are responsible for the cost plus 10% shipping.

    Prices are for 2009-2010       Add 10%  for 2013

    Algebra 1A  title : Algebra 1A $80.03 :McDougal Littell  isbn 0-618-59402-7

    Algebra 1b title: Algebra 1 Concepts and Skills year 2001 Publisher McDougall Littell isbn# 0-618-05051-5 cost: $79.53 

    Geometry a & b title: Holt McDougall  Larson Geometry   $82.25

    Honors Geometry title: Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge publisher: McDougall Littell isbn #0-866-09965-4: cost: $91.69

    Algebra 2A title: publisher:McDougall Littell isbn#0-618-59541-4 cost: $84.65 

    Honors Algebra 2 title: publisher: McDougall Littell    Isbn#1-439-04847-9: cost: $155.38

    Integrated Algebra with Consumer Applications title: Integrated Mathematics Book 2 publisher: McDougall Littell   Isbn#0-618-07397-3 cost: $76.78

    Advanced Algebra title: USCMP Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry 2nd ed year: 1998 publisher:Scott Foresman Addison Wesley    Isbn: 0-673-45926-8 cost: $87.17

    Precalculus A title: Advanced Mathematics PreCalculus with Discrete Mathematics and Data Analysis year: 1992 publisher: Houghton Mifflin    Isbn# 0618250379 cost $91.08

    Honors Precalculus title: PreCalculus with Limits A Graphing Approach 4th ed publisher Houghton Mifflin isbn# author Larson Hostletler Edwards cost AP Calculus title: publisher:    Isbn#0-618-39478-8 cost: $131.73

    AP Statistics title: The Practice of Statistics 2nd ed  cost: $115.50

    AP Calculus title:  Calculus Concepts and Calculators   Ventura Publishing  by George Best   ISBN 1-886018-30-8 $82.50