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    Here you will find all that you need to succeed in any of the math courses I teach.  I have attached the course syllabus for each class I teach on the left.  I have also added some links to some great math websites.  Please feel free to check in to get your homework here as well.  

    You can email me anytime at micahkidney@oldrochester.org.   I usually check my mail every hour or so during the school day and for the final time before I leave around 330.  

    (By the way, If you can translate the Greek Phrase above; It'll be worth some extra-credit in any of my courses!)

    Algebra 1 Homework

    Day 1 Odd Day (1/3/5/7) -  632/1-8 and 11 and 12

    Day 2 Even Day (2/4/6/8)-  632/1-8 and 11 and 12  

    Finite Math Homework

    page 521/1-12

    Algebra Lab

    prep notebook for notebook check

    HERE's a Great video for supplemental help for Chapter 9.1.  Take a look!


    Video Link of the Week


     What's so cool about Khan Academy?  Check it out!


    ...and here's the link to the page:


    When you want to learn a new topic, just go to the site

    and under "Browse Library", you will find all of the Mathematics

    videos organized into subtopics such as "Algebra", "Geometry"

    or whatever you need.  They now have thousands of helpful

    instructional videos!

    Students always ask me why, when I give an effort based grade on a home work assignment, I gave them a 95% instead of a 100%.  My response has always, "Is your assignment perfect; Did you show all of the work,was your writing pristinely neat?"  The students response is usually some variation of a grumble in non-agreement.  My new response is going to be this, "Did you FIGHT for your A+?  Did you dig as deep as a human being could possibly dig for your A+."  I'm curious what the new response will be.  If you're wondering what I'm talking about, watch this video: 


    Ladies and Gents, I've found a great new website for help solving whatever problem you might be struggling with.  It's similar in layout and design to Khan Academy.  Some might argue that Patrick is a little easier to follow than Khan.  You be the judge!  Cut and paste the link below to your browser to get started.



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